Wrap Belt Guide


1. I’m completely clueless when it comes to wearing belts for my body and wardrobe, are ADA belts really right for me? 

Absolutely! I designed the ADA collection with you in mind. Belts used other than holding up your pants and as a styling accessory is not taught in most fashion magazines. That is why I’ve made ADA belts one-size, versatile and comfortable. I’ve also created the Wrap Belt Style Guide and multiple videos you can watch to help you style most belts in our collection. In addition to your belt and product-styling videos, you’ll receive videos on helping you create a wardrobe that you love. I go way deeper than just belts – because I want to help you discover your personal style and to make you look and feel your best. 

2. Belts make me nervous because I want to draw attention away from my midsection not to it. I feel a belt will draw attention to it. 

As you may have learned in the Styling Series – first you have to know your body shape and then choose apparel that works for your unique body shape. A belt is the polishing touch. The icing on a cake. To draw attention away from your midsection you want to opt for apparel with an A-line cut (and you can place belts on the seam to create an illusion of a waist line). You can also choose flowy pieces and wear a belt on the empire waist – giving you shape and drawing attention away from mid-section. 

A belt is your secret styling weapon to accent your assets and we have follow up videos for each shape to help belts work for your unique body. 

3. What is the best belt option for someone with a short-waist? 

The narrower wrap belt called the “midi” wrap or the Cala belt are your best friends. However, if you love the classic wrap belt – wear it with a monochromatic outfit (black on black, tan on tan). It will give your outfit curves but won’t cut you.

4. How can I tie the rosette if the ties aren’t long enough for me? 

Place the wider portion of the belt in the back and bring the ties around to the front. Tie once and then follow the direction to tie the rosette! Voila! I’m not lying when I say the Wrap Belt is for every body, shape AND it’s one-size! 

5. I have a lean body but need to cover my pooch, any suggestions? 

 You can use the Classic Wrap belt to place over your tummy and compress. The belt is almost like spanx to wear on the outside of your apparel, but with so many more styling benefits! Hide your pooch while you look stylish. 

6. I love your belts, but I’m afraid to spend the money. 

I always find spending money on things you need is harder than spending on things you want. Do you need this belt? Well, if you’ve made it this far into the page then you probably do. You are here because you are looking for a solution - this is the solution for restyling your outfit – giving you shape, polish, style; and multiplying your wardrobe. 

A leather belt is an investment piece. 

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